About us

UP Records - one of the most contemporary, respected full service sound post-production facilities - was founded in 1996. The sound studio quickly became a leader in the film industry and is the only studio licensed by DOLBY LABS. INC in the Baltic States.


UP Records welcomes all types and sizes of productions, and provides each with the highest quality service. The full service sound studio is known for unsurpassed reliability and keen attention to detail. Our multilingual staff and engineers have over 20 years of experience in all levels of post-production for animation, feature, and documentary films including: mixing, sound design, foley, ADR, dubbing, translations, original soundtracks, and final mixing.


UP Records is conveniently located in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city, with inexpensive, direct flights to most major European cities such as Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Rome, as well as London.


The focus of UP Records is on the highest technical quality. However, we also place a great importance on the highest quality of working relationships; integrity and harmonious working atmosphere. 

UP Records has served productions that have gone on to be nominated for such awards as The Academy Award, The Golden Lion, The Directors Guild of America Award, The Silver Wolf and others. 


UP Records offers complete production and post-production services including location sound recording, sound design, editing, mastering, talent casting, dubbing, and more.

Another convenience for UP Records clients is the most advanced and up-to-date 35mm projector system. The cozy screening room is ideal for test viewings and private presentations.